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Youtube History Delete (Watch and Search) Tutorial

Today I came here to remember you one more interesting topic which is called YouTube History. First i will discuss about youtube though it is known to all.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. It allows users to upload videos and watch HD videos. In plain words, there are no such videos available in the YouTube that is unable to meet the needs of people. It can meet the needs of all ages of people. Specially it has played a great role in entertaining and educational purposes. The main website link of it is youtube.com. It usually does not assign any restriction to watch video clips, music videos, audio recording, movie trailer or other contents. People of any ages can enjoy it. Along with these people can upload all these items in youtube. To upload any videos in the YouTube the user must have a Google account. Only then people can upload videos of different types and sizes. And by uploading videos the users can earn a lot of money.

Like Google YouTube also has a search engine. Any kinds of video can be searched from there. When people search and watch any videos in youtube, all these search information remains in the youtube search history. And it remains only when youtube remains login. Sometimes we need to rub out this entire search and watch history.

Login your YouTube account to delete YouTube history:

1.  Click on the youtube icon from the left top corner
youtuube history
2.  Or go the direct link – https://www.youtube.com/feed/history
3.  Click the history
4.  Now see the 2 options
i)  Search history
ii)  Watch history

5.  Now Clear all watch history and clear all watch history

To Clean youtube history you can watch the full video below:

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