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VMware Workstation 11 Configuration before RHEL7 Installation

Hi Everyone. Again i come back with this new post. I’ve already got few email from my visitors to publish a new post about like this. That’s why i will share a post with a video tutorial here.

What is needed for Configuration and Installation:

  1. VMware Workstation Software
  2. RHEL 7 ISO File

Viewers if you don’t have any software, you can download from the link end of the post.

1. After installing the VMware Workstation installation open vmware. Create new virtual machine from the File tab.

1. new virtual machine create

2. Two options are here. you can use anyone.

2. select the virtual machine

3. Now select the iso image file of rhel 7 OS from your computer. here i select third one.

3. isl selection

4. Select Operating System as Linux and version(rhel7 64bit) from drop-down menu.

4. linux version select

5. Now Type virtual machine name as you want and select the installation location. I don’t instruct you to select default installation location as C: drive. Select another drive except C: drive.  It will keep backup your virtual machine after fresh windows installation.

5. installation location

6. Network type will be “Bridge” if you are beginner.

6. Bridge mode

7.  Select the Maximum disk size and select the Store virtual disk as a single file. Click next and finish.

7. single file

8. Now Edit virtual machine settings to select the iso file from your local hard drive.

8. Edit virtual machine

9. From Hardware tab, go to the CD/DVD options and browse Use ISO image file from the computer.

9. iso select

10. Finish the configuration successfully.

The next step will be Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation.

Download Software:


VMware Workstation 12 or You can also download from VMware Main Website.

Youtube Video for this post:

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