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Using Filters to Sort Incoming Email Into Specific Folder

Every day we get lots of email from lots of people. Some of the email text are few like “hello, how are you, how are you doing?” etc. These emails are basically spam mail. In yahoo mail you can create personal folder in which to organize your message separately. This is called mail filtering. One step further you will able to create filter – a set of rules and destination that instructs yahoo mail to deliver incoming mail to the destination folder that you created before.

Each filter has one or more rules and a destination folder. When an email message satisfies the rules, the filter delivers the message into the destination folder.

For example, if your friend named Jackson sends you an email forms jackson@xmail.com, then yahoo mail will automatically deliver the message to the “Jackson-Mail” folder. Where you created “Jackson-Mail” folder before and applied a filter rules that the message satisfy.

Here’s how
1. First create new folder by clicking the New folder icon


2. Input your folder name like Jackson-Mail


3. Now in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo! Mail page, click the Settings icon, then select Settings from the menu list.


4. On the left side of the page, click the Filters link.


5. On the top of the Filters page, click the Add button.
A page appears where you can define the rule and the destination for the new filter.

6. Now fill out the Filter Name, Conditions and the destination folder name that you created before.      Finally save the settings.
7. This page showing the rules that you created
8. Again save the settings
Now you will able to get email from your specific folder.

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