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Network Configuration on CentOS v6.5 Linux

Network Configuration is the first and most important task to connect on a network or internet for network administrator or other user. On Linux operating system for configuring IP address has a network configuring window.
1. To do this task you must need to login the system as a root. Just open the command terminal and type setup and press enter.


This command will launch a new window like this and select Network configuration using arrow button from the keyboard.


2. Select Device configuration


3. A new window will show you all available LAN card. Now select your LAN card. If you cannot see any LAN card please install it again.


4. Enter your Static IP, Netmask and Default Gateway and click ok


5. Now save the settings and come back on root prompt.

NB: Alternately you can use system-config-network command directly to invoke this setup window


6. After finishing this task you need to restart the network card using service network restart command.

#service network restart


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