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How to Hide Any File Inside Pictures

With this tune you will be facilitated the ways of hiding a file inside a picture or a video. For privacy concern, we need to keep different files hidden. If you want you can hide files inside images. Hence you need the file you want to conceal, an image and the following software. Download and install the software from our website download link bellow. If you have the unzip software you need not download it again. Just follow the two Parts –

Part 1 of 2: Hiding the File

In this tips we want to hide video file inside image file. The video file name is facebook.mp4 and the image file name is image.jpg both files are stored on L: drive.


1. First right click on the facebook.mp4 file and add to archive. (This archive option will be shown if you have installed the WinRAR software. If you have no WinRAR Software, download it from the below link or from the winrar main website.)


2. When new windows will appear type facebook.rar in Archive Name and click on Ok. (Here you can give any name as you want)


3. Next go to run and type cmd and click on ok.


4. When command promote will be opened, type L: and press enter.

5. Now write copy /b image.jpg+facebook.rar abc.jpg and press enter.


6. You will see that in drive L: a file name called abc.jpg has arrived.
facebook.mp4 video remains hidden inside this file.


7. Well Done! You have successfully hidden you video file(facebook.mp4) inside the Image file(abc.jpg).

Part 2 of 2: Get Files back from the image

It’s easy task to get back the hidden files from the image file. Just right click on the image file (abc.jpg) and open it with WinRAR or WinZip software. You will see the the hidden files in it. Now extract it on your computer any location that you want.

NB: Dear all, if you fetching any problem please comments here and need WinRAR software please give me email your  address on the comment box.  I will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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