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Reverse DNS Check or Test on Linux/Unix System

Are you a new Linux or Unix command line user? Are you configuring a DNS Server? Do you need to check or test your DNS server configuration? You think, how do you check Reverse DNS for your given ip address under Linux, Unix or Windows base systems?

Reverse DNS lookup is a process to determine the hostname associated with a given IP Address. It is also known as rDNS.

Typically Domain Name System is used to determine what ip address is associated with a given hostname. So reverse resolving is to check the hostname assigned of a known ip address. Reverse lookup is often referred to simply as reverse resolving. It is also known as Reverse DNS lookup.

Why need Reverse DNS lookup?
1. Email delivery
2. Anti-spam filtering
3. Network troubleshooting
4. Protection from spammers and phishers

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Steps of finding Reverse DNS for IP 122.X.X.102 under Linux or UNIX:

Using dig command:

# dig -x 122.X.X.102
102.X.X.122.in-addr.arpa.    86400    IN    PTR     mail.example.com.

X.X.122.in-addr.arpa.     86400     IN      NS      mail.example.com.

mail.example.com.         86400     IN      A       122.X.X.102

Using host command:

# host   122.X.X.102
102.X.X.122.in-addr.arpa  domain  name  pointer  mail.example.com.

Using nslook up command:

# nslookup
> 122.X.X.102
Server:  122.X.X.102
Address: 122.X.X.102#53

102.X.X.122.in-addr.arpa      name = mail.example.com.
> mail.example.com
Server:  122.X.X.102
Address: 122.X.X.102#53

Name:   mail.example.com
Address: 122.X.X.102

Using Windows Command:

C:\Users\BCL> nslookup 122.X.X.102
Server:  ns1. wimax.com
Address:  58.X.X.24

Name:    dns1.example.com
Address: 122.X.X.102
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