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How to Remotely Shutdown a Windows Computer using Android Phone

Shutdown a computer is an easy task for all computer users. Any person who can operate the computer must know how to shutdown computer. Talking about computer shutdown is like as a mad thinking, is not it? Sometimes mad thinking find out something better ones.

However do you think that a computer can be shutdown without pressing mouse button or from remotely? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. So if you don’t know the tricks, just spend few times to read this post carefully.

Today I will teach you how to shutdown a windows computer using your android phone remotely. You can do it easily because need not any hardware to do this work. Just follow the below steps carefully.


  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. One email account
  3. Internet Connection
  4. Android Mobile Phone

Step 1:

First you have to need Microsoft Office Outlook configuration for email account. So first install Outlook and configure email on it. You can configure gmail, yahoo mail, hot mail and any other email in Microsoft Outlook.

It is very easy task to configure email account on Outlook. Go to this post to see the – How to Configure yahoo mail on MS Office Outlook 2010. Many videos will be found in youtube.com that will help you for email configuration on Outlook.

Step 2:

Now create a .bad file using notepad. Notepad is a text editor where you can write plain text and can save the file in different types of format.

Now open notepad and type the following code on it-

%systemroot%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 0


Now go to the File menu and click Save as. Give the file name as Shutdown.bat and select Save type as All files.


As a result Shutdown.bat file will be created on your desired location.

Step 3:

Now open Microsoft Outlook and go to the Rules option and select Create Rules.


From Rules and Alerts window click on New Rules from E-mail Rules tab.


A new window will pop up named Rules Wizard. From Rules Wizard window select Apply rule on messages I received and click next.


A new window will show as like as the bellow image –


Selects the under line indication words(Step 2) from the upper image one by one and follow the below options.

From specified account will show your email id and click ok.


Second, specified words will show the Search Text window and type the keyword as Shutdown and click Add


It will show as below image and now click ok


Third,“specified words in the body” will show again the Search Text window and type the body text as “Please turn my computer off” and click add.


If all is well click the Next button.
A new window will show and select as the below image.


Now click on the Start application and find out the Shutdown.bat file location.

At last click the Finish button.

Now use your android mobile for sending email using the keywords that you use here. When your computer receives email including the keyword, it will shut down automatically.

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