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Block Pop-up Ads using Adblock Plus Firefox Add-ons

In our daily life we all are familiar with viruses. Computer virus is a program. computer program can be utilized in different ways. Some are used for caring off information; some are for damaging systems, and while others are for advertising. All these programs are considered as computer virus. Because it can be inserted itself without having any knowledge of the user. In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to block pop-up adds, using Adblock Plus add-ons. It will keep your computer virus free largely.

Pop-up add generally use pop up window of internet browser. When a user click on a link; instead of opening through a new tab of that browser, it opened through a completely different tab and show adds. In fact some spam viruses are attached with that link. As a result, when it is clicked, the virus runs with that. In plain words the spams are installed automatically. Since the viruses entered the entire computer and display different adds at different times. It remains even after resetting the internet browser. And it becomes very disturbing objects for us. As because, when a web page is opened it opened simultaneously and interrupt our internet browser.

Adblock Plus

Advertisement circulating spam viruses mostly intrude through the internet browser. Spam virus uses pop up window to enter the computer. If you block pop up window, you remain free from the hands of viruses. Using Adblock Plus Pop-up add-ons of the internet we can get rid of spam viruses.

Steps to install Adblock Plus add-ons:

  1. Open Mozilla firefox browser.
  2. Go tools -> Add-ons or (Ctrl+Shift+A).
  3. Search “Adblock Plus Pop-up” on the search bar
  4. If search not found visit –  Mozilla Firefox Add-ons
  5. Install add ones from here
  6. Go to the options
  7. Click “Handle pop-ups using Adblock Plus”
  8. Select the “Block all pop ups” from drop down menu
  9.  Click Ok
  10. Again restart the browser
  11. Finished

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