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Block Facebook Ads using Firefox Adblock Add-ons

Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Most of the people use Facebook for photo uploading, photo sharing, chatting, commenting, video calling etc. But many of them don’t know how Facebook earn billion billion dollar providing us free usage of it. The more people communicate with each other using Facebook, the more the business of Facebook will be increased day by day.but this business is affected by the Firefox add on. This Facebook ads block add-on is a technique which block the ads from the web browser.

Facebook use Ads Program for earning money. Facebook provide different types of ads on the home page (after login) of the user. These Ads help user to find out required product, people, page, group and so on that we are looking for. As well as Facebook is also helps the page owner to increase page like, view and the website visitors. In spite of that there are some disadvantages of Facebook ads. Such as:

  1. Draw more bandwidth
  2. Take more loading time

So, we can easily block Facebook ads from our internet browser and can save bandwidth as well as time. We can use different techniques to block Facebook ads from internet browser.

Today i will show an easy tip to block Facebook ads using ads block add-ones.

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Follow the steps below to block facebook ads:

  1. First open Mozilla Firefox Browser
  2. Go to the Add-ons option from the browser
  3. Search Plugin from the top right corner of the browser
  4. Install Plugin named “Facebook Ads Block”
  5. Restart the browser
  6. Login Facebook

facebook ads

This tutorial is only for mozilla firefox browser. You can block facebook ads in different browser in different ways. The second popular internet browser is Google chrome. Which have the same technique to block ads using add-ons.

If any problem arise to install the add-on, you can view the YouTube video bellow. For further complications please comment on.

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