Monday , December 5 2016
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Vim Commands in RHEL/CentOS Linux for Beginners

vim commands in linux

Today we will learn some of the basic tasks of vim commands in Linux System. Everybody knows that different kinds of editor is available for opening text files. As for Ex- Joe, Nano, Emacs, Pico, vi/vim, edit etc. Through text editor, we can open, edit and write file. Vim is …

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Youtube History Delete (Watch and Search) Tutorial

youtube history

Today I came here to remember you one more interesting topic which is called YouTube History. First i will discuss about youtube though it is known to all. YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. It allows users to upload videos and watch HD videos. In plain words, there …

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Setup Gmail Account (IMAP/POP3) in Office Outlook 2010

Gmail Outlook

What is Gmail Account? Firstly, a gmail account is a free Google Account with an email address that ends with For opening gmail account needs an email address like where abc is the username of the user. Every user name must be unique and qualified. So each person …

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Block Pop-up Ads using Adblock Plus Firefox Add-ons

Adblock Plus

In our daily life we all are familiar with viruses. Computer virus is a¬†program. computer program can be utilized in different ways. Some are used for caring off information; some are for damaging systems, and while others are for advertising. All these programs are considered as computer virus. Because it …

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Block Facebook Ads using Firefox Adblock Add-ons

facebook ads

Facebook is the most popular social media website in the world. Most of the people use Facebook for photo uploading, photo sharing, chatting, commenting, video calling etc. But many of them don’t know how Facebook earn billion billion dollar providing us free usage of it. The more people communicate with …

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